Perel - Star

Perel - Star

Running Back
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Pre Order Released 23/07/21

Good things come to those who wait! A commonplace that is also true in the case of Perel’s Running Back debut. Ever since Die Dimensionen appeared on DFA, our own CEO couldn’t wait for a call from the lady herself. Star is the consequence of said call and not only that.

7" - The very first 7“ on Running Back features Perel’s vocal talents in her native tongue. Star (German Version) is mesmerizing and charming, dead on target and unforgettable.In her hometown, they call this an Ohrwurm. Collectors and completist will be delighted to hear that the flip side contains two more track exercises: Eis am Stil and In The Box.

12" - Opening with the riveting vocals of Star ("This song is literally a love song for my people“), the three pieces also show Perel's growing versatility as a producer. The tried and tested neon disco lights interchange with darker tones, uplifting and affirmative moments (Tour De Perel) rotate with contemplative and pondering intervals (Internal Monologue). Yet, by no means Perel is whistling a sad tune. Her melodies are as always deep, distinguishable and delightful to dance to. Wherever that may be.


A1. Star (Extended)
A2. Star (Extended instrumental)

B1. Tour De Perel
B2. Internal Monologue


A. Star (German Version)

B1 Eis Am Stil
B2 In The Box

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