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Robert Vincent - Barriers - Vinilo Instore

Robert Vincent - Barriers - Vinilo Instore

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Album released 21/06/24

Live Instore 25/06/24

doors 6pm

Stage 7pm 

"Barriers" is the 4th studio album for award-winning Liverpool-based artist Robert Vincent, set for release on summer solstice (June 21, 2024), a time that reminds us to look inwards to find what we need to love and evolve. Maintaining his status as one of the most acclaimed voices in the UK Americana rock scene, Robert’s new songs represent a real left turn for an artist who is ready for something more. The new album “has more of an intimate sound,” Robert says. “The songs began to take shape during lockdown through to 2022 and are born from testing personal experiences, rather than the social commentary of the last album ["In This Town You're Owned"]. This is a very inward set of songs, but I think it will resonate with people facing their own demons." The intimacy and introspection of this evolving journey on the album’s songs is captured by the sure hand and keen ear of award-winning producer Ethan Johns whose work with Ray Lamontagne is a real touchstone for Vincent’s own ambition, mellowness, and honesty on Barriers. Johns also mixes the album and provides his own gifted instrumentation.

DISC 1 1. The Insider 2. Barriers 3. Anywhere 4. The Hard Way 5. The Beast Inside 6. Lost Souls 7. Circumstance of Ignorance 8. Burden 9. Follow What You Love and Love Will Follow 10. Keeper of My Heart 11. You Were Standing Right Before Me 12. When We Dream
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