Drug Store Romeos - The world within our bedrooms

Drug Store Romeos - The world within our bedrooms

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Pre Order Released 09/07/21


Drug Store Romeos formed at college in nearby Farnborough when childhood friends Jonny (Gilbert) and Charlie (Henderson) pinned an ad about finding a bassist for their new band to the school’s notice board – Sarah (Downie) replied and quickly proved herself a better vocalist than either of them. The trio spent the subsequent 24 hours discussing their love of Stereolab over messenger and watching Portishead and Mild High Club videos in the college’s computer lab.

The band soon cut their teeth playing live at college, at Guildford Boiler Room and Aldershot West End Centre, rather than the familiarly trodden paths in London although they did frequent Brixton Windmill as often as three times a week at one point; carrying all of their equipment back to Fleet by train as none of the band were old enough to drive. The 3am walk home from Fleet station, with amps and flight cases slung over their shoulder, would become a rite of passage; the quiet countryside influencing their hushed atmospheric sound and nocturnal aesthetics as much as their shared affection for Suburban Lawns, Broadcast, and Tom Tom Club.

Lyrical abstractness / concrete meaning. Danceability / lyingdownability. Minimalism / fullness. Introspective melancholy / playfulness. Lo fi / hi fi. Drug Store Romeos play with the senses and flip the expectations, finding the sweet spot every time.

Written by Sarah Downie, Charlie Henderson and Jonny Gilbert

Published by BMG

Produced by George Murphy

Mixed by Matt Wiggins

‘Frame of Reference’ Mixed by Eduardo de la Paz

Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London

Mastered by Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios, London

Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass and Slide Whistle - Sarah Downie

Bass, Guitar and Synths - Charlie Henderson

Drums, Percussion and Glockenspiel - Jonny Gilbert

Synthesizer on ‘Vibrate’ – Rory Atwell 

  1. Building Song
  2. Secret Plan
  3. Bow Wow
  4. Elevator
  5. Walking Talking Marathon
  6. Frame Of Reference
  7. Feedback Loop
  8. What’s On Your Mind
  9. No Placing
  10. Vibrate
  11. Electric Silence
  12. Kites
  13. Put Me On The Finish Line
  14. Cycle Of Life
  15. Adult Glamour




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