Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin
Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin
Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin
Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin

Suki Waterhouse - Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin

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Suki Waterhouse’s music sounds like a collage of her inspirations, experiences, and emotions stitched together by honeyed vocal delivery, bright-eyed melodies, and evocative storytelling. It doubles as a mirror image of her life as a consummate creative, artist, actress, model, and mother, yet it also breaks the glass to unveil raw truth. She leans on an ever-evolving sonic palette to convey what she’s feeling—whether it be folky Americana, nineties alternative, turn-of-the-century indie, or handcrafted otherworldly pop. You’ll hear Suki’s longing in a swooning chorus, fearlessness in a crunchy chord, elation in a danceable waltz, and wonder in a soft coo befitting of a lullaby. She faithfully followed a lifelong passion for music to her 2022 full-length debut, I Can’t Let Go. Adorned by “Moves” and “Melrose Meltdown,” it incited widespread critical applause from Variety, Nylon, NME, The Line of Best Fit, and more. Between headlining shows and touring with Father John Misty, “Good Looking” surged online, generating nearly a billion streams, going RIAA platinum, and paving the way for the Milk Teeth EP.  Simultaneously, she absorbed inspiration from a season of change earmarked by unforgettable moments a la gracing the stage of Lollapalooza 2023, performing on multiple continents, becoming a mom, and closing out the Gobi Tent at Coachella in 2024. Everything just set the stage for the gold-certified songstress to assert herself as a versatile, vibrant, and vital presence on her 2024 double-LP, Memoir of a Sparklemuffin.


  1. Gateway Drug
  2. Supersad
  3. Blackout Drunk
  4. Faded
  5. Nonchalant
  6. My Fun
  7. Model, Actress, Whatever
  8. To Get You
  9. Lullaby
  10. Big Love
  11. Lawsuit
  12. OMG
  13. Think Twice
  14. Could've Been A Star
  15. Legendary
  16. Everybody Breaks Up Anyway
  17. Helpless
  18. To Love
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