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94 East Featuring Prince - The Legendary Recordings, 1975-1985

94 East Featuring Prince - The Legendary Recordings, 1975-1985

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The 94 East feat. Prince Vinyl Box Set is an emblem of musical inception. With three vinyl records—Purple, White, and Green—this remastered collection unveils the original synergy between Prince and 94 East. Alongside, a 40-page booklet unfolds an intimate narrative, detailing their collaborative genesis. Exclusive photos, handwritten notes, and in-depth annotations offer a rare glimpse into Prince's early artistry. The Purple record pulsates with funk rhythms, reflecting Prince's enigmatic charm. The White record exudes raw talent, showcasing his guitar prowess. Meanwhile, the Green record symbolizes growth and experimentation. This box set isn't merely a compilation; it's a historical artifact, inviting enthusiasts to explore the foundational moments of an icon's musical odyssey—a tangible link to Prince's evolutionary journey that forever altered the musical landscape.

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