Britti - Hello I'm Britti

Britti - Hello I'm Britti

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1LP (Sweetart Transparent)


A true heiress of the rich musical history of her native New Orleans, Britti is an arresting new voice in her triumphant debut, titled straightforwardly, Hello, I’m Britti. Inspired by musical luminaries from Diana Ross to Dolly Parton, and influenced by contemporary legends from Beyoncé to Sade, the album is one of immense gravity and a personal love letter to the place she calls home. Co-written and produced by Dan Auerbach, who flexes his signature ability to uplift genuine raw artistry, the album is a heartfelt confession that frames a window into Britti's soul, revealing her true spirit: fresh and wondrous, with a levee-like hold on her own heritage.  


Similar Artists & Influences: Sade, Jill Scott, Solange, Corrine Bailey Rae, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, Diana Ross, Valerie June, Norah Jones, Lauren Hill, Biig Piig, Orion Sun 


“Britti's lush debut is an invitation to a stoned soul picnic somewhere between New Orleans and Nashville, a porch hang on a hazy summer afternoon, and a late-night slow dance party, all at once. Recommended if you dig: Diana in ’71, Dolly in ’78, Sade in ’86, Erykah in ’97” - Dan Auerbach, Producer 


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