Bastille - Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past
Bastille - Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past

Bastille - Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past

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Earlier this year Bastille released their hotly anticipated No.1 album, Give Me The Future, a record that explores a futuristic wonderland free from restrictions. The album embraces a new wave of technology, which enables us to get lost inside our imagination and travel back and forward in time to be anyone or do anything.

Now, Bastille add a further instalment to this critically acclaimed release, sharing a three-part extended edition of the album, dubbed Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past featuring another album’s worth of new songs, collaborations, covers and reprises.

With the original album on part one, part two continues some of the themes and narrative from the original record, delving into songs that are shot through with notions of technological dependence, human connection and the limitless possibilities of life online. Part three, meanwhile, acts as a mini return to the band’s acclaimed “Other People’s Heartache” Mixtape series opening the four-piece up to collaborations, covers and concept-free creativity.

The album is split into 3 themes:

1. Give Me the Future
2. +Dreams Of The Past
3. Other People’s Heartache


Disc 1 = 1
Disc 2 = 2 & 3

01_Distorted Light Beam
02_Thelma + Louise
03_No Bad Days
04_Brave New World (Interlude)
05_Back To The Future
06_Plug In...
07_Promises (by Riz Ahmed)
08_Shut Off The Lights
09_Stay Awake?
10_Give Me The Future
11_Club 57
12_Total Dissociation (Interlude)
13_Future Holds [feat. BIM]

01_Back To The Innerverse (Interlude)
02_Real Life
03_Family Ties
04_Distorted Light Beam (Reprise)
07_No More Bad Days
08_Hope For The Future

01_Other People’s Heartache (Interlude)
02_Run Into Trouble [Alok x Bastille]
03_Remind Me
04_Eight Hours [Bastille x Tyde]

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