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Black Kat Boppers - Black Kat Boppers

Black Kat Boppers - Black Kat Boppers

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The much awaited new album, simply “Black Kat Boppers” was released in 2018.

Right across the board people seem to be lovin’ it – young, old, stupid, clever, hippies, punks, students, drop outs, mums, dads, drunks, weirdos, ravers, strippers, rockers, mods…  “Everybody loves that raw sound!!!

Gaz Mayall declared…
I’ve seen hundreds of rock n roll bands and The Black Kat Boppers are right at the very top!!“.

When I first saw The Black Kat Boppers I was sat on a hill at a festival and could hear this music in a tent that literally grabbed me by the lapels and dragged me in” – Paul Simonon (The Clash/Gorillaz)

Wow those boys can really play” – Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz)

Really rebel rousing music” – Bono

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