Bob Dylan - Hard Rain

Bob Dylan - Hard Rain

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Often dismissed as one of Dylan's lesser recordings, Hard Rain is actually, in some ways, one of his best. partially inspired by Patti Smith and by a chaotic personal life, this album captures Dylan's music at its most raucous. Indeed, some have called it his 'punk' album. His singing, especially on Idiot Wind and Shelter From the Storm, has never sounded more venomous. Older material like Maggie's Farm and One Too Many Mornings is drastically rearranged. Hard Rain should rightfully be compared to Neil Young's Time Fades Away as a wrongfully overlooked live album by a major artist.

Track List

1. You're A Big Girl Now

2. Shelter From The Storm

3. Lay, Lady, Lay

4. Maggie's Farm

5. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

6. I Threw It All Away

7. One Too Many Mornings

8. Oh, Sister

9. Idiot Wind



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