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Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon - Wednesday
Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon - Wednesday

Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon - Wednesday

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Danny Elfman’s musical score was to die for, and it was incorporated into Wednesday’s joyfully bleak coming-of-age story so brilliantly.” collider.com
Double LP On Purple Goth with Smoky Shadow Vinyl, with Full-Color Gatefold Sleeve, and Inner Sleeves

Track Listing:
Side A
01. Wednesday Main Titles - Danny
02. Thing Follows Rowen
03. Morticia and Wednesday
04. Secret Library
05. Scorpion Flashback
06. The Monster
07. Family Day
08. Burning Outcasts

Side B
09. Wednesday on the Case
10. Dress Shopping
11. Gomez Accused of Murder
12. A Dove and a Raven
13. Gomez’ Story
14. A More Than Adequate Father
15. It’s A Snood
16. Morticia’s Yearbook
17. Devious Plan
18. I Will Find You

Side C
19. Searching the House
20. The Monster Is Here!
21. Uncle Fester
22. Annoying Distractions
23. Fester and Wednesday Stakeout
24. Let’s Roll
25. Stabbed in the Back
26. First Kiss

Side D
27. Wednesday Packs Up
Crackstone Rises
29. Goody Heals Wednesday
30. Enid To The Rescue
31. The Hug
32. The End…?
33. End Credits

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