Goat Girl - Below The Waste
Goat Girl - Below The Waste
Goat Girl - Below The Waste

Goat Girl - Below The Waste

Rough Trade
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Goat Girl - Lottie Pendlebury (she/her), Rosy Jones (they/them) and Holly Mullineaux (she/her) are excited to announce their third album “Below The Waste” which is being released on Rough Trade Records on June 7th 2024. The album was co–produced by the band & John Spud Murphy (Lankum & black midi).


Pieced together like a collage over an extended period of time, the instrumentation was tracked mostly over a ten-day stint in Ireland at Hellfire Studios, in the shadow of the infamous Hellfire Club itself. They also used Damon Albans, Studio 13. Additional strings (Reuben Kyriakides and Nic Pendlebury), woodwind instruments (Alex McKenzie) and vocals (including a choir made up of family and friends) were added to this framework at a number of locations, from a barn in Essex to Goat Girl’s own studio in South London.


Singer Lottie on lead track: “I was listening to lots of music at the time by Phillip Glass and Deerhoof that plays with the relationship between tension and resolution which definitely influenced this song. I was yearning for honesty and authenticity in relationships I held with people, probably partly because at the time, like everyone, we were so isolated from one another. But it also felt deeper than that, like the conversations I dreamt of stripped away all of the etiquettes we desperately clung onto and went below the surface to where the most interesting parts of ourselves tend to be suppressed.”





  1. reprise
  2. ride around
  3. words fell out
  4. play it down
  5. tcnc
  6. where’s ur <3
  7. prelude
  8. tonight
  9. motorway
  10. s.m.o.g
  11. take it away
  12. pretty faces
  13. perhaps
  14. jump sludge
  15. sleep talk
  16. wasting
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