Gong - Zero To Infinity

Gong - Zero To Infinity

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Formed in 1969 by Daevid Allen, one of the founder members of Soft Machine, Gong established itself as one of the most unique, innovative & experimental rock groups of the Seventies. Mixing rock, jazz & psychedelia with elements of mysticism & hippie-based surrealism, all laced with a far-out sense of humour, the group's music, along with its communal lifestyle & fascination with all-things Eastern, epitomised the hippy ideal of the day.

'Zero To Infinity' is the tenth Gong album & the fifth album instalment in the evolving saga of Zero the Hero. Previously unavailable as a standalone album for almost 20 years, it is now being released on vinyl on the original commissioning record label for the first time & features re-purposed Daevid Allen album artwork.

The album's concept is based on Zero the Hero, the character introduced on the famous Radio Gnome Invisible Gong Trilogy of 'Flying Teapot', 'Angel's Egg' & 'You' where the protagonist was seemingly trapped in the ever-repeating cycle of life & death.

Zero is then shown a path to possible liberation through love where he evolves to exist on a non-physical plane. Leading us to 'Zero To Infinity' where our hero discovers the advantages of a body-free, virtual existence.

Much like this fluid existence the music on 'Zero To Infinity' transcends genre to create an otherworldly, psychedelic experience that is entirely unique to Gong's inimitable sound & essential to any fan. This is the millennial Gong band at their very best bringing inventive & creative musicality to the never ending & constantly developing mythology of Planet Gong as it guided us into the new Century.

The album features original Virgin band Gong members including late, visionary leader Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe & Mike Howlett, alongside Soft Machinist Theo Travis & drummer Chris Taylor.

This fondly remembered album was experienced live by thousands on several extensive tours in the UK & Europe throughout 2000-01, some of the band's longest since the 1970's.

Gong will be heading out on extensive UK tours in 2023 & 2024.

This edition of 'Zero To Infinity' is presented on black 2LP in a single sleeve.

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