Hawksmoor - Telepathic Heights

Hawksmoor - Telepathic Heights

Soul Jazz
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Telepathic Heights is the first album on Soul Jazz Records for the artist Hawksmoor.

This incredible new release follows a path along the electronic skyways first created by the German / Krautrock electronic pioneers of the 1970s such as Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel, Roedelius and Michael Rother.

Hawksmoor is James McKeown. He first created 'Hawksmoor’ five years ago as an imaginary hauntological soundtrack, inspired by the six Hawksmoor churches in London. Further releases have followed on Environmental Studies, the cassette-only label 'Spun Out of Control', Castles in Space and The Library of The Occult.

For his debut on Soul Jazz Records, Hawksmoor has created a fascinatingblend of these two sensibilities – a love of German electronic music of the 1970s alongside the British retrofuturism and cultural memory bank aesthetic of hauntology - Ghost Box, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Advisory Circle, Focus Group etc. 

Using strictly modular synths (Moog Sub37), electronic drum rhythms, and guitars, Hawksmoor creates an electronic landscaped music world that is both new and old, immediately identifiable and yet utterly unique.

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