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Lil' Kim - Hardcore

Lil' Kim - Hardcore

Rhino Atlantic
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'Champagne On Ice' colour viny

Double Platinum Solo Debut from Brooklyn’s own Lil’ Kim. Executive produced by The Notorious B.I.G., this double LP arrives in a Limited 'Champagne On Ice' colour vinyl. It includes the Queen Bee’s classic records "Crush On You", "Not Tonight" and “No Time”; and features verses by Biggie, Diddy, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri & fellow Junior MAFIA member Lil’ Cease.


Lil' Kim's undeniable talent shines through as she effortlessly weaves between hardcore rap and silky-smooth R&B-infused melodies. This ground-breaking album not only leaves a lasting impression but also paved the way for future female artists in hip-hop.



Track List

Side One
1. Intro In A-Minor [2:14]
2. Big Momma Thang (Featuring Jay-Z) [4:17]
3. No Time [5:00]
4. Spend A Little Doe [5:35]

Side Two
1. Take It! [0:46]
2. Crush On You [4:35]
3. Drugs [4:20]

Side Three
1. Scheamin’ [0:49]
2. Queen B@$#H [3:17]
3. Dreams [4:39]
4. M.A.F.I.A. Land [4:37]

Side Four
1. We Don’t Need It [4:10]
2. Not Tonight [4:31]
3. Player Haters [0:54]
4. **** You [2:53]


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