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Los Natas - El Hombre Montana

Los Natas - El Hombre Montana

Argonauta Records
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Los Natas’ 2006 release, El Hombre Montana (The Mountain Man), is an epic slice of fuzzy stoner and doom-laden pie fresh from Argentina.

Waves of riffs lick at the shores of melody as the vocals dive in and out of the mix, quite delicately so for this style of music. Fuzzy guitars and dirty lead licks tie the songs together like The Dude’s rug. The drums tap a staccato counterpart to the elegantly woven songs, with guitar interplay weaving a psychedelic soundscape deep in your frontal lobe, and with melodies which hypnotise your head into a manic bobbing frenzy. The interplay between the drums, vocals and guitars (bass included) is in full magnificent stride from the get-go, bringing to mind early Kyuss, and the Sabbaths themselves would be proud too of this messy and doomy sound.

The production job was handled by one of the stoner scene’s greatest recording aficionados, Billy Anderson, who has worked with the likes as The Melvins, Neurosis, Acid King, Fantomas and High On Fire.

For fans of Kyuss, Masters Of Reality, Clutch, Black Sabbath, Baroness, The Atomic Bitchwax, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Sleep, Black Mountain and Nebula.

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