Lyzza - Mosquito

Lyzza - Mosquito

Big Dada
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Amsterdam based, Brazilian-born producer and vocalist Lyzza is Big Dada’s latest signing since relaunching as a label run by Black, POC and Minority Ethnic people for Black, POC and Minority Ethnic artists.

Making waves in the contemporary electronic scene since the age of 17, Lyzza is a force to be reckoned with and has been described by Beatport as “one of electronic music’s most promising young avant-pop producers.”

With three EPs under her belt, her fourth project Mosquito strives to show her range of abilities within sound and interdisciplinary art. The 10 track mixtape draws inspiration from mosquitoes and the psychological associations we have with them. Characteristically, mosquitoes are invasive and take up space, and this is something that Lyzza strives to be as an artist of colour.

The mixtape boasts a catalogue of alt-pop tracks that mingle English, Spanish and Portuguese lyrics. The first track to drop from Mosquito was the standalone single ‘Lucky You’, followed by singles ‘Deserve It (feat. La Zowi)’ and ‘Ressaca’. Lyzza’s mixtape features trap artist La Zowi from Madrid and Zambian-Canadian rapper Backxwash who were handpicked due to their physical locations and pre-established listeners in order to imitate how mosquitoes spread themselves over territories.

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