Pozi - Smiling Pools
Pozi - Smiling Pools

Pozi - Smiling Pools

Prah Recordings
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Pozi are the sort of band to tackle the creative cycle of deconstruction and rebuilding with relish. Second album Smiling Pools - released by PRAH Recordings on 19th May 2023 – is testament to that. An LP that sees them at their most expansive yet, it follows a gradual swelling of their sound across two EPs proceeding the urgent, self-enforced minimalism of their debut album PZ1 in 2019.

The trio of Toby Burroughs, Rosa Brook, and Tom Jones quickly established something of a foundational template on that first album: a hyper-skeletal sound palette of drums, bass and three distinct vocals disrupted by Rosa’s churning violins, from which emerged biting social observations and political angst – debut single and angry retort to the 2017 Grenfell tragedy KCTMO still takes pride of place in their live set.

These hallmarks haven’t fully gone away over time but from that urgent energy there has emerged greater confidence and a playful desire to push further out from the loose genre tag of post-punk they were initially saddled with.


“We want our music to evoke a feeling and emotion rather than just being a commentary. I feel that the tracks on Smiling Pools demonstrate that we’re taking our music to a different place and we want to bring the listener along on that journey.”


1. What You Came For

2. Slightly Shaking Cells

3. Failing

4. Pest Control

5. Somnambulance

6. Through The Door7. M6 Toll

8. Heavenly

9. Faulty Receiver

10. Shut Up

11. 24 Deliveru

12. A Walk In The Park

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