Snail - Fractal Altar

Snail - Fractal Altar

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Green LP

Six years since their last album, heavy psych prophets Snail are back with their new and hotly anticipated full-length studio album. Entitled Fractal Altar, Snail’s fifth record picks up where their last album, ‘Feral’, left off; so expect heavy, fuzzy and melodic tunes with floating harmonies and lyrics that explore both inner and outer space. But this time, the band comes recharged and rejuvenated, enthusiastically triumphing over their dark side and revelling in their power trio roots.

After 30 years of playing together, all three original members, Marty Dodson, Mark Johnson and Matt Lynch, celebrated both sonics and friendship and, although six years in gestation, it didn’t take long to lock in and feel synergy ignite while recording the new songs.

Fractal Altar delivers a fresh mix of stoner rock, fuzzy grunge and sludge metal.

Former albums released on such labels as Small Stone, Big Deal and Meteor City, and the band have toured with the likes of Sleep, Nebula and Fu Manchu.


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