Teenage Waitress - Your Cuckoo

Teenage Waitress - Your Cuckoo

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Solid green vinyl 180gm LP with printed inner disco bag. Limited to 500 copies.

Teenage Waitress returns with the new album ‘Your Cuckoo’. This album is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut Love & Chemicals.

“Melodies and storytelling. . basically" is how Daniel J. Ash of Southampton’s Teenage Waitress describes his eagerly anticipated second album Your Cuckoo. “It’s a bunch of characters singing songs about love, youth, drugs, boredom and of course, dancing”.

‘Your Cuckoo’ is a leap forward in every way for Teenage Waitress. Ash’s trademark ‘story songs’ are set to a backdrop of irresistible melodies, colourful arrangements and impeccable production. While noticeably a more focused effort than Ash’s previous effort Love & Chemicals, this album still offers a little something for everyone.

For the recording of ‘Your Cuckoo’ Ash recruited some of his musical friends to join him in the studio, adding a rich new layer of musicianship to his latest songs. “We basically wanted to go a step ahead from where we got to last time. . and I think we’ve done that” smiles Ash “I’ve been a perfectionist in every sense and annoyed a lot of people to get to this point. I hope it was worth it!”

1. Baby Blue 
2. Maggie 
3.Grey Sky 
4. Girl, I Want You To Kill Me 
5. Bedroom Waltz 
6. I Like The Way You Fall In Love 
7. Big Smoke 
8. Back Seat
9. Too Much Of A Good Thing 
10. Hold Me In The Afternoon 
11. Salutations

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