Event Terms And Conditions

Thank you for supporting the artist's new album.

    Rescheduled / TBC out stores / COVID19

    Event dates are subject to change, postpone TBC pending government  Public Health England guidance around the coronavirus outbreak.

    We will inform you with any changes

    Please do not contact us until a rescheduled date is announced. 

    TBC out stores

    We will be working with the label, artist, venue &  goverment guidelines 

    We will be in touch when a rescheduled date has been confirmed. 

    Ticket only

    Ticket only option is limited to 1 per person per order.

    Anyone ordering more than one ticket only will be refunded the entire order, and will be asked to try again, this sometimes takes a while to do so and you might miss out on tickets due to event selling out.


    4 Bundles per person per order. 

    No ticket re-sells

    No returns (products) / Re-sells / Refunds

    Entry to our events

    Your digital email + ID is required for entry


    There are no physical tickets for our events

    No refunds or postage for 'Ticket Only' please select 'Collect in store' for shipping option.

    If you are buying on behalf of someone else, Please advise on notes at checkout.

    Orders cannot be changed once checkout has been completed. 

    Line up

    Line ups and running time are subject to change.

    Product bundle collection

    You have 14 days from release date to collect your product bundle purchased from store

    We have been operating a safe click & collect service through lock downs.

    For those unable to collect from us we have the option to send the product by post with an additional postal cost.

     Please email to arrange this.

    Under 18's MUST be accompanied by a full paying adult at all times  


    Please select the collect in store option at checkout. (But no need to collect anything as tickets are not printed) 

    An email reminder will be emailed out before the gig.

    It's the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain whether an event has been cancelled and the date / time of any rescheduled event. 

    Please note: That in the event of a website error. We reserve the right to offer an alternative.

    We have the right to cancel, refund and refuse and or remove from any of our events any persons being physically or verbally abusive towards a member of the Vinilo team.


    To keep us all safe we are following Goverment Guidence and have taken the following steps:

    • We advise everyone wear a face mask for the safety of out customers and out staff but we will not ask you to wear one.
    • During our instores we will be leaving the doors open to increase the air flow 
    • We ask you to not attend any event if you have or have had any COVID symptoms in the last 7 days.
    • For any outstores we ask you to check the venues terms and conditions to see what has been put in place for each individual location.
    • Please make sure you have either a negative PCR or Lateral Flow Test Before attending any instore or outstore for the safety of all of our customers, crew members, band members and the vinilo team. For some of our events this may be compulsory 

    By proceeding to buy you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated. 

    Thank you for reading.


    Vinilo Team